Consultants in 3D and digital strategy for sustainable growth visually



Yesterday’s trends of ‘Quick Response’ and ‘Fast Fashion’ have become today’s business realities. We believe a seamless and lean merger of the creative 'art' aspect with the technical 'science' side enables optimal product performance. Day to day activities in creative design, product & technical innovation, brand management and communication to the consumers can all be digitally crafted into your value proposition to add true value to brand.


In many developed regions, more than 15% of all purchases are online and the use of Mobile-commerce will drive this growth even faster. Pragma helps you create an intense and satisfying customer experience through various in-store brand interactions, virtual fitting room, personalization, information - on - demand and O2O initiatives among others, to prepare you for the digital age.


As your customers the brands and/or retailers faces a new onslaught of challenges in the new economy, it is inevitable that you will also be a part of that reform that will happen, if it is not happening already.

Sustainable Sourcing as a result of Increased NGO, governmental and consumer pressures will demand further of your clients for Transparency, Traceability and Accountability in managing you, their supply partnerships.  No longer about lower labor cost but Value Adding Efficiency that drives competitive advantages for sustainable partnership.


Online Retailer

Today’s savvy shoppers expect competitive pricing, a good overall experience, in-stock merchandise and speedy delivery.

Online sales are giving retail serious competition through an increased presence of e-commerce sites, growth of Mobile commerce and on-line payment channels.

As this online trend grows, so do the problems which come with it. Pragma helps you meet the challenges of profitably managing your business in this complex environment.


First, we listen to you and your challenges. Through this and our knowledge of the market, will work with you to establish suitable approaches for overcoming these challenges, that will help meet your goals, maximize benefits for that optimum ROI.



A plan that articulates not only directions, actions but also how to measure these successes.
Pragma will put together a set of priorities, and a focus on resources and energy to ensure that employees and stakeholders are working toward common goals & intended results. 


“Without Action, the world will still be an idea” ….George F Doriot, Founder of Insead

Pragma will act upon whatever we have planned for your business. We work to provide the highest level of support and guidance for your team throughout the plan.



A SMART plan is one that is Specific Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time Related.

Pragma's team will assist in client's ability to measure the results achieved against the planned objectives is important for all stakeholders.