Pragma is a technology enabler and a consulting company for the fashion industry.

Established in 2003 by Sharon Lim, a veteran in the industry, Pragma is based in Singapore with offices and partners worldwide. Together with our partners, we are focused and committed to our belief that the use of 3D and other selected digital technology can bring about a BETTER landscape for the industry. We do not want to see the wrong game played better but believe that a paradigm shift in doing things right is that much needed position change in the Fashion Industry -from design and development to sales.

In this journey of change, we have grown with success with many of our customers who are leading in digitally innovative change for the industry and we have also recognized that it is not always about what to do but what not to do as well.

Our Team


Sharon Lim is the Managing Director of Pragma Solutions. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, Sharon has worked with Tommy Hilfiger in Product Life Management & Distribution in Latin America (T.H. Latin America) where she was responsible for procuring various Information systems such as ERP and other merchandising systems to bring efficiency and value to the operations. Over the past 10 years, she has consulted for and supported many leading global brands to enable them to integrate various 3D technologies into their strategies and process. She has worked closely with technological companies to share with them the mechanics of the fashion world to help them align their research and development to the needs of their clients. Ultimately, Sharon is convinced that technological advancement is not an end goal in itself; but rather that technology must be harnessed to work for people. This conviction has led her to steer innovative technology developers to the fashion world. Browzwear and its partners are examples of how the seemingly disparate fields of technology and fashion can enhance each other and result in a symbiotic relationship.



Lena heads the consulting division of Pragma Solutions. She has over 20 years of experience in managing SME and MNCs businesses and functional teams within Asia, France and USA where she worked and consulted with companies such as FCI-Areva and Hewlett Packard. Her international portfolio spans across different industries ranging from Electronics, Technology, Green Recycling Technology and Fashion. As an Alumni of Insead Business School, she is still actively involved through co-facilitating, certain Leadership, Entreprenership, Social Ethics for Corporate executive programmes at global companies with simulations, together with professors of Insead.

Led by Sharon and Lena is a team of committed individuals with technical and business expertise from various walks of the fashion industry, from design to development to merchandising and retail. We live and breathe “Doing it Right and Better.” We engage by learning to understand the challenges of the fashion industry in an ever changing world.


Our Services

  • Initiate and implement  “Jump Start” or “Exploratory” Packages
  • Offer business strategy consultation
  • Plan processes and workflow mapping
  • Provide Change and Implementation Program Management
  • Assess and align your Technology Vs Business objective
  • Conduct training/education program
  • Provide content creation services

Our Toolbox


Browzwear's Lotta is the first 3D solution created specially for fashion designers.
Easy to use, it unleashes your creativity so you can view your designs on a realistic 3D body in a variety of colors, styles, materials and more.


Browzwear’s VStitcher is the industry-leading virtual real-to-life 3D simulation solution that easily transforms 2D patterns, with the relevant material with the fitted body into realistic 3D virtual prototypes.


View and share 3D designs with Styelzone, a revolutionary collaboration platform for web and mobile that enables all stakeholders to participate at every stage in the process, from design through merchandising.


Alvanon combines the world’s largest database of body scan research with high-level industry experience that offers a holistic solution for Fit.



Body Labs has the world's most advanced technology for automated analysis of human body size, shape, and motion.


Make smarter decisions, save money and increase sales efficiency. aWorkbook Go To Market digital catalogue software delivers richer collaboration for Range Merchandising,  Assortment Planning, Product Presentation and Order Capture 



Embodee’s Virtual product experience on cloud enables limitless product design customisation online. Furthermore, the additional “Try-On!” system suggests sizes based on measurements and gives 3D visualizations of how a garment will look from any angle for a consumer, reducing returns drastically!



Customized Sell In Tool with visually compelling 3D, that is tailored for large corporate with its several product data.


Our Community

We care about making a difference in society. Pragma is actively involved in supporting community development, orphanages and crisis relief efforts.