Challenges facing your business today...

As A Brand

  • Creating and delivering the right products through the right channels, which will appeal to your targeted consumers.
  • Managing fast changing trends against a lengthy product development cycle resulting in increased cost and risks.
  • Multiple locations for DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and MANUFACTURING.
  • Increasing need for a demand-driven SUPPLY CHAIN challenges, amongst reliable OUTSOURCE partnerships across geographical regions and multiple selling channels (wholesale/resale/franchise/retail channels).
  • Increasing cost of retail space in the midst of more product SKUs in-store.
  • Establishing the right “offline and on-line” strategy with investments that will generate the best revenue creation.

These challenges and the ever growing number of new brands coming online are formidable forces that will require a revamp of how business is done.  We believe a carefully selected strategy that combines technology and strong management will provide that evolution for your business.


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As A Retailer

  • Online sales and growth far outpace physical store revenue. The increasing use of smart devices for mobile purchases (M-commerce) will accelerate this trend even further.
  • The continuous ‘sale’ bin.
  • Reducing ‘out of stock’.
  • The constant question of what store experience to create to engage consumers who will potentially purchase? Increase time spent in the store by customers which will generate sales?
  • Ensuring the following KPIs aimed at maximizing sales are met: Average sale & unit per customer/transaction; Sales per square foot.

How best to tackle these challenges as retail faces a new frontier?

We believe that it is not a revolution that is needed but rather the ability to stage and grow with proven success, as appropriate 3D and digital technology measures are deployed which will be solutions for these.

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As A Factory

  • Facing onslaught of post-recession challenges. 
  • Sustainable Sourcing.
  • Rising cost of wages.
  • Rising cost of doing business due to complexity.
  • Pressure on SPEED to market.
  • An ever growing demand on investments to be ‘Green” for sustainable practices and technologies.
  • Difficulty in hiring new talent, in what is traditionally viewed as a ‘low-skill’ industry.

 Could the industrial method of ever continuous drive for productivity or efficiency be the only answers for these challenges? Could value-adding be singularly focused on cost savings and sharing this with your customers?

Pragma believes that a real partnership where you consider yourself to also be a 'solution' to your customers' challenges to be of greater importance for real value add. The appropriate 3D and digital strategy investments will help you as well as your customers, enabling an ROI for both you and your partners.

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As An Online Retailer

  • Meeting consumer expectations of competitive pricing, a good shopping experience, in-stock merchandise and speedy delivery.
  • How can you ‘predict’ products offered to suit consumer tastes and understand their buying behavior?
  • Reduce returns by customers.
  • Distribution and delivery strategies to differentiate your brand and satisfy customers.
  • Achieving agility at seasonal peaks and unpredictable demand.
  • How to plan for and manage such growth cost-effectively?
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