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Lotta™ by Browzwear


Together with our partner Browzwear, we decided to give designers the choice to ‘Do it right the first time’.

Browzwear’s Lotta, the world’s first 3D apparel design tool that allows you, the designer, to express your creative ideas more effectively and realistically.


aWorkbook by Hark Solutions


Merchandising, Sell-In, Sell-Through & Visual merchandising

The journey of designs and the end products must be shared with customers and/or consumers either through catalogues, websites and e-commerce or m-commerce sites. At Pragma, we believe these multiple versions of digital assets and the various ways of sharing should be connected and linked to Enterprises PLM, ERP, Order Management, POS, CRM systems for digital continuity and integrity. The technologies out there are endless but our search for partnerships are companies who understand and are committed to making their technologies relevant to the fashion industry.

Vstitcher™ by Browzwear


Real approach to 3D fundamentally changes the way a company works, effectively bringing in a meaningful collaboration between design and product development teams in ways, previously unthinkable.

 At Pragma, we believe the solution is two-fold: Requiring the right tools and the right change in management. Our partnerships with Browzwear, Alvanon, and Bodylabs are all successful tried and tested solutions, so why wait?


Online Solutions

Virtual fit and Try-On, mass customization and other approaches of encouraging ‘user-generated innovation’ and interaction will bring about better understanding between you and your consumer. Visually rich and compelling interaction with your products, plus inventive solutions like those offered by Embodee’s cloud platform for design customization and other online platforms for VIRTUAL FITTING are a few of the many innovation solutions we offer in these growing business models.

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